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This MPA Campaign is a collaborative one, with a goal of achieving 10% protection of South Africa’s oceans within MPAs by 2020. The campaign will build support amongst public and ocean stakeholders for marine protected areas, by creating awareness of their value for provision of ecosystem services, ocean risk mitigation, food security, ecotourism benefits, moderation of climate change and improving resilience to impacts of other global stressors.

This campaign will counter the positioning of the mining sector (hydrocarbon and mineral extraction) as a viable and important driver of blue ocean economies, that are in competition with MPA’s, by exposing the risks and impacts of these activities on social, economic and environmental resilience of developing countries.

Ultimately this campaign hopes to lead the way to a regional movement for increased protection across all African national waters and Africa’s Southern Ocean territories, aimed at meeting the current MPA target of 10% by 2020, but paving the way to African states supporting a global target of 30% strongly protected by 2030.