is a new generation focused on restoring and protecting the ocean. We're a global movement supported by renowned scientists, business leaders, campaigners, activists, ocean experts and individuals, who are all working together to restore and protect the ocean. 

The ocean is our planet's life support system. Nothing would be alive on Earth without the ocean, including us. Today the ocean is dying. While the ocean accounts for 71% of our planet, less than 4% is protected, countless fisheries have collapsed or are overexploited – 90% of top predators are gone - huge amounts of plastic and waste are pouring into the ocean unchecked, half the coral reefs are gone, and dead zones cover huge swaths of ocean unable to support life. The ocean gives us every second breath we take. Today it is making less oxygen that it used to. Restoring and protecting the ocean is the most critical undertaking of our time.



Project 0 is disrupting the status quo by empowering change. Raising huge sums of money will finish projects all over the world that have started but have stalled due to a lack of support. 



  • Put 30% of the ocean under protection by 2030.

  • Rebuild coral reefs and mangrove forests.

  •  Clean up the ocean.

  • Restore fisheries.

  • Fund innovative projects that protect and restore the ocean. 


Davide Bernacca
Michele Clarke
James Jagger
Jeremy Lindblad
John de Neufville
Alexandra Richards
Andres Santo Domingo
Shaw Soo Wei
Oscar Tuttiett
Tyrone Wood


Chair – Mike Walker
Clare Brook – Blue Marine Foundation
Dianna Cohen – Plastic Pollution Coalition
Maria Damanaki – The Nature Conservancy
Dr. Sylvia Earle – Mission Blue
Cristina Mittermeier & Paul Nicklen – SeaLegacy
Karen Sack – Ocean Unite
Duane Silverstein – Seacology
Lisa Speer – NRDC
Elizabeth Stephenson – New England Aquarium
Dr. Greg Stone – Conservation International
Wietse van der Werf – The Black Fish

Project 0 is a collective action charity fund with Tides. Tides is a philanthropic partner and nonprofit accelerator dedicated to building a world of shared prosperity and social justice. Tides believes everyone should have a quality education, access to healthcare, a sustainable environment and equal rights. Through consistent learning and collaboration with partners like Project 0, Tides has built a more sustainable and healthy world. Contributions are recognized as charitable to the extent allowed by the IRS.