There are many ways you can help the ocean today.   Here are a few. Together we can make huge impact.


Choose Seafood Wisely

Do you know who needs shark fins?  Sharks.  Skip the soup. Did you know Chilean Sea Bass is actually a fish called the Patagonian Toothfish that comes from far away places like Antarctica and are vital to keeping their ecosystem healthy?  Did you know shrimp and prawns have a huge by-catch ratio – meaning that for each one you eat, many other species of fish have lost their lives and been tossed back overboard. You can help today. There are apps you can download to make ocean-friendly seafood choices including Seafood Watch (US), Good Fish Guide (Europe), and Sustainable Seafood (Australia).  


Eliminate Single-Use Plastic

Plastic.  Created for convenience yet lasts forever.  That single-use straw you use today in your iced tea, or plastic water bottle, toothbrush, lighter, water bottle, etc. will be on this planet 500 years to forever. Simply put our culture of convenience is killing whales, dolphins, turtles and birds.  There are enormous swirling masses of plastic waste in all five ocean gyres. You can help today. Commit to reducing your plastic footprint.  Refuse the straw or stirrer at bars and restaurants, buy and use a refillable water bottle, buy products in glass or recycled materials.  See how far you can go towards eliminating all single-use plastic from your life. 


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The ocean is the world’s biggest carbon sink.  The more carbon we put into the atmosphere, the more carbon goes into the ocean, which causes it to become acidic, corals to bleach white, ocean temperatures rise…bad things.  And that jet-lagged Chilean Sea Bass on your plate in New York, London, Paris, or Tokyo has quite the carbon footprint too.   You can help today.  Walk, ride your bike, take public transportation, switch to florescent light bulbs, turn down the heat or air conditioning, buy locally grown food, reduce your consumption of red meat or become a vegetarian. It all adds up.



Watch What You Flush

All roads lead to Rome, so to speak. The oil, trash and debris on the street and in the gutter often ends up going down storm drains and into the ocean. Nitrogen-rich fertilizers are really harmful to the ocean, so spruce up your garden using natural products. Never ever flush kitty litter down the toilet – it contains pathogens that are very harmful to marine life.  Another biggie - never release aquarium fish into the ocean or other bodies of water. The exotic fish in  your aquarium can take down local ecosystems, as the lion fish is doing in the Atlantic and Caribbean today.