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We're thrilled to have launched our new reusable product range! Project 0 teamed up with Sky Ocean Rescue to create a stylish, limited edition series of water bottles, totes, coffee cups, beeswax and cutlery featuring original designs by Ronnie Wood, Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss, Princess Eugenie of York, Bob Geldof, Sienna Miller, Will Poulter, Harry Kane, Rita Ora and Fearne Cotton to make it easy to reduce your plastic footprint. Pick up yours at 20 Beak Street in the heart of Carnaby in London, or order online at sky.com/POP now while stock lasts. And they are the perfect holiday gift and stocking stuffers.   



Bubble Trouble

By Cara Delevingne

The ocean is like the mother of the planet. It gives us life - the air we breathe and the water we drink - and is full of creatures moving around in its vast blue waters. My design represents how the plastic we use is suffocating marine life and causing so much damage. I hope that you’ll join me in making a change.


By Rita Ora

I read that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. My design depicts the very harsh reality that exists now, and will worsen within the next 30 years unless we all do something. Lets stop this now and give crabby and all other marine creatures the clean home they need to thrive.

Squids In

By Fearne Cotton

The ocean – there is only one. We often refer to oceans with names like Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic – but the ocean is one interconnected body. It is this connection of a whole system that inspires my squid, with so many arms and legs, but not enough to clean up the ocean. Pass on plastic, and help restore the ocean for our kids and theirs.

See Whale

By Ronnie Wood

I designed this bottle to highlight the devastation single use plastic is causing the oceans, and how it isn’t just affecting those lower down the food chain, but the beautiful giants of the sea as well. 

Moby Sick

By Sienna Miller

I am endlessly inspired by the deep vibrant blues of the sea and the life within it. Scientists have shown that up to 12 million tonnes of plastic are being dumped into the ocean each year. We can change this before it’s too late. Let’s all pass on plastic.

Save the Wave

By Kate Moss

The ocean has boundless beauty. The gifts it has given the world are countless. My design is meant to represent the hope I have for the ocean, for its health and its future.

Free the Sea

By Will Poulter

We need a drastic and immediate change to our relationship with single use plastic. The planet cannot survive if we continue on this current path. Now is the time to embrace change and the chance for a sustainable future for the oceans and all of us on earth.

Inspirational Earth

By Princess Eugenie of York

I drew this image to show how much of our Earth is covered by water.  The ocean is our planet's life support system. Sadly we have a tendency to take the ocean for granted, assuming that it is an endless vessel for us to take from and give nothing in return. It is, however, time to give back.  Everyone can easily do this with just a few small changes to everyday routines. I hope these products help people form new habits with ease and a bit of style.

Bottle Without A Bottom

By Bob Geldof 

The destruction of the ocean and the concomitant species extinction of marine life and in turn the human food chain food chain boils down to that laziest of personal attributes; Convenience. Buy it. Chuck it away. No prob. That has to stop. And it can stop. My incredibly amazing and revolutionary design for a bottle without a bottom (or vice versa - whichevah) is to illustrate the ridiculous logic and nature of single use plastic. It is not only "useless" or USE LESS (see what I did there?) but criminally unnecessary. It is also very seriously messing us up. Stop doing it! 

Designed by Harry Kane

By Harry Kane