Project 0 is enormously grateful to Ara Vartanian for making these bespoke rings to benefit the ocean. Born in Sao Paolo to a family of jewellers, Ara began his career as a gemstone buyer; in 2000 he started designing “by chance." His edgy fine jewelry is collected and coveted around the world; inverted diamonds, enormous Octopus rings spanning two or three fingers, and his popular Hook earrings which appear as if crawling out from behind the tragus.

For Project 0, Ara has created a sterling silver version of his gorgeous Shark ring, as well as a special Silver Shark ring with black diamonds. 50% of all sales to go Project 0. Sizes available. 

Silver Shark Ring
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Silver Shark Ring with Black Diamond
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South African born, Tim Atkins is still-life photographer based in London working from his studio in East London. 

After completing a Diploma in Fine Arts Photography at the prestigious Ruth Prowse School of Art in Cape Town, Tim went on to find his niche in the food photography industry.

His love for the ocean and the responsibility they both feel working with food on a daily basis, Tim and food stylist Iain Graham worked together to create a project of bringing awareness of Micro Plastic Pollution in our food. In the ever changing climate, plastic pollution in our oceans are not only effecting marine life but the fish we consume.  As some studies suggest the weight of plastic in our oceans will be heavier in weight than fish by 2050.  As these concerns are becoming more of a reality, this body of work highlights the plastic-contaminated seafood on our plates. 

If we conserve our oceans and reduce plastic use, future generations will be able to identify the same seafood as we know today.