Art waves inspired and influenced by the ocean are crashing all over New York City. Fifty of the world’s most influential artists and culture-makers have created stunning works of art on wave sculptures that transmit the artists' personal joy, hope, and inspiration for the ocean. Catch the waves from May 20 to June 21. For a map of the Wave Walk, please visit LaMer.com/nyc-wave-walk  We encourage you to see all of the waves, take pictures, and share your hopes for the ocean using the hashtag.





Julian Schnabel  *  Vivienne Westwood  *  Barry McGee  *  Keith Richards  *  Cara Delevingne  *  Laird Hamilton  *  Bruce Weber  *  Dr. Woo  *  Rita Ora  *  Aurora Robson  *  Oliver Clegg  *  Tali Lennox  *  Milla Eastwood  *  Sven Lindblad  *  Michael De Feo  *  Joan Hornig  *  Slash  *  Sienna Miller  *  Kasper Sonne  *  Richard Branson  *  Clifford Ross  *  Mauro Perucchetti  *  Russell Young  *  Bernard Fowler  *  Queen Noor  *  Anna Ewers  *  Zilando Freitas  *  Ed Granger  *  Hassan Hajjaj  *  Jason deCaires Taylor  *  Will Poulter  *  Margaret Zhang  *  Lulwah Al-Homoud  *  Dustin Yellin  *  Jake Chapman  *  Rufus Wainwright  *  Zoe Buckman  *  PEJAC  *  Baron von Fancy  *  Yundi  *  Chen Man  *  Lola Kirke  *  Suki Waterhouse  *  The Cousteau Society  *  David King Reuben  *  Lui Bolin  *  L'Atlas  *  Peter Thomson  *  Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos  *  
Michela Martello


Project 0 and La Mer Blue Heart Oceans Fund:

Partnering to Restore and Protect the Ocean

Bid now to help the ocean!  Each wave is available for purchase at Paddle8.


One hundred percent of net proceeds from the auction of the waves will benefit these marine conservation projects:


Protecting and Restoring Mangroves in the Caribbean

Mangroves are resilient trees that root in the mud below shallow waters, providing shelter from predators for young reef fish species. Mangroves play a key role in mitigating climate change, sequestering up to 50 times more carbon than other ecosystems. They also dissipate the force of tropical storms and reduce damage to coastal communities. The sale of the waves in the Wave Walk will raise funds to protect and restore mangrove forests on the island of Grenada.

Sustainability in the
East China Sea

Many of the world’s fisheries are overexploited or depleted. This is not only an ecological disaster, but also a looming disaster for those who rely on fishing for their income and to populations who rely on fish as a source of food. The sale of the waves in the Wave Walk will raise funds to conduct urgently needed scientific research in the East China Sea so that a plan can be made to support the sustainability of these important waters.

Creation of a Chain of Marine Protected Areas in the Azores

The Azores are islands in the Atlantic that are home to diverse fauna. These spectacular waters have some of Earth’s tallest mountains – below the sea -  as well as deep hydrothermal vents, and sea mounts. The Azores are an important migratory route for humpback whales, blue whales, devil rays, dolphins and other incredible sea creatures. The Azores are a marine biodiversity hot spot, a global treasure that is under threat from deep sea mining and overfishing. The sale of the waves in the Wave Walk will raise funds to create a chain of marine protected areas in the Azores.


Thank you

Project 0 is grateful to the following sponsors and partners who have made the Wave Walk possible:


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