The ocean, once pristinely, magnificently blue, is in crisis.
We've all heard it.
We know it.
And yet—it still cries out for us.

So many are trying to answer the call,
starting countless projects
and dedicating immeasurable effort
to clean, to nurture, to save.

But the problem is as vast as the ocean is deep, and too often
the problems outgrow the resources available to solve them.

Despite desire, despite the hard work and the long hours,
there simply is not enough of that, or too much of this,
to say the effort is really, truly, done.

Well, we won’t stand for it. Not anymore.
Not for a moment longer.

We want to finish it all. Now.

So we’re giving the support and funds necessary to complete the efforts,
to the people and organizations who started them.

We’re going for zero underfunded or unprotected, zero pollution,
zero misuse or abuse, zero dead zones,
zero “why does it matter?” or “I don’t know what to do,”
and zero excuses.

That’s what we want, and that’s what we’ll do.